THE YOUTH VOICE INTERNATIONAL members are not only young people. Man's youth is not based on age. It depends on the mind and thought of individuals. It is therefore important to think that he is a youth. So, for a person of all ages throughout the world, who thinks and is living in it, our membership is open. In this situation we have a large numbers of Goble membership .

For their social excellence for all communities, they have contributed to their ultimate vision of "dignified life" for their time, strength and good works.

Everyone has been enthusiastic about the principles of good governance. Accordingly, the governing board can be represented by the least member. However, we have discussed the young Utse's ruling in formulating our work plan and formulating our priorities. We have been given the privilege of selecting our board of directors at our annual board, and have been given the opportunity to serve as members of the board.


Youth Voice International's board of directors are matured leaders. And they are mature people who have worked in international development projects in the world. Leading for higher education on the economic and social development of the Goble . They are expert of the literature, arts sociology, law, financial business development , Excellent IT knowledge, engineering services , Séance and technology. The have global village requires co-operation and collective understanding.

Developing new trends in world NGO's development and creating innovative concepts to overcome them. The elected Board of Directors at TH YOUTH VOICE INTERNATIONAL a combination of community representatives and prominent figures representing different subject areas. They should commit to the holy service.


Our employees are rich in high professional quality. They are committed to making our mission mandatory. The dedicated staff of the Youth House International is the backbone behind the entire operation. Working at Young Voice International is always working harder than having a job. They devote their time to making a positive change for society. It's a unique opportunity for them.

There are many innocents that we already enjoy using our services. By working hard and deeply committed, employees of the Human Voice Service have made limited use of limited resources to make positive changes in life.

About Us



  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Responsibility
  • Inclusiveness
  • Responsiveness
  • Transparency
  • Accountability


Youth Voice International (YVI), is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization, free from political, clans, religion and ethnic divisions, works with thousands of youth in urban and rural areas throughout Sri Lanka. YVI strives to create a future where youth are able to facilitate their own development. YVI works in program areas of Youth Entrepreneurship and Micro financing, promotion
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